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MIMOSYS (Voice analysis of Pathophysiology; a monitoring system for the health status of the mind)

  • What is MIMOSYS, the verbal analysis of pathophysiology technology?
  • Current uses of MIMOSYS and possibilities for the future
  • MIMOSYS opens the way for future health management system
MIMOSYS is a system that monitors the mental health from the human voice.
MIMOSYS detects diseases or disorders from changes in the components of emotions contained in speech.
The biggest feature of this system is noninvasive, easy and continuous remote monitoring.
In addition, it does not require special instruments or chemicals or construction of a large-scale infrastructure, so it is very low cost.
Medical validity of this system has been examined under various situations in Japan.
Currently, verification is done not only in Japanese but also in various other languages.
In Japan, it has already been developed as a smartphone application, a decision has been made to commercialize it as a cloud service, and it has started to be used for mental health care at a company.
Our lecture will include explanation on our experience of establishing medical validity of the system and the use of the systems at the actual user sites.