Kanagawa Prefecture Seminar on Healthcare New Frontier in Japan

ME-BYO: Building a Better Future through Behavior Change

Topic for the year 2019 ME-BYO Technology and Innovation Promotion from Kanagawa Prefecture:

Outline of the Seminar

In order to create a brighter future vision for the era of the super-aged society, Kanagawa, the second most populous prefecture in Japan adjacent to Tokyo, has been promoting a grand policy package called “Healthcare New Frontier (HCNF)”.
HCNF is a bundle of healthcare and industrial/regional policies. Its key concept is “Managing ME-BYO”. ME-BYO is a concept that indicates the entire process of changes between mental and physical health and illness, which are regarded as continuous instead of “dichotomous”. Combining this concept with the utilization of advanced medical treatment/information technology, we aim to achieve healthy longevity of the citizens and to create new markets and industries at the same time.

Taking the opportunity of the General Assembly of the World Health Organization, we will hold an evening seminar for the third time to introduce the challenges of Kanagawa Prefecture. The title of this year’s evening seminar is “ME-BYO Technology and Innovation Promotion from Kanagawa Prefecture”.

In this seminar, we will introduce the forefront of Kanagawa Prefecture’s approaches with a special cooperation of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with which Kanagawa Prefecture has been in friendly relations for the past thirty years.
An exhibition session and buffet-style get-together are also planned.

We look forward to welcoming health policymakers and members of the academia and business world from around the world.
Title Healthcare New Frontier Seminar of Kanagawa in Japan
“ME-BYO: Building a Better Future through Behavior Change”
Topic for the year 2019:
ME-BYO Technology and Innovation Promotion from Kanagawa Prefecture:
Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of
the Partnership with the German State of Baden-Württemberg
Date and Time May 22 (Wed.), 2019   18:30-21:00
Venue Jula-Mont-Blanc room(1F), Hotel Warwick (Geneva, Switzerland)
Organizer Kanagawa Prefectural Government
Special Cooperation from: The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg, Baden-Württemberg International and Innovationsallianz Baden-Württemberg
Supported by: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan (provisional), the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva (provisional) and JETRO Geneva (provisional)